The Naturelle brand is based around the concept of infusing beautification, personal care and healthy natural solutions in order to ensure that not only are we providing you with a wide array of merchandise, but that each product is uniquely tailored to suit a variety of skin types, complexions and individual needs. Our catalogue includes a variety of elements which can be broken down before being expanded upon at a later stage. These core categories are:

  • Lemonvate
  • Rico
  • Depilete
  • Solvex
  • Chiskop and Depi-lette Hair Removal Cream
  • Bodidoc
  • Depil-8

The above portfolio highlights the range within which the brand operates. Unlike most companies within our market sector, Naturelle does not limit itself to a singular product category. Our range is wide and vast; catering for a variety of personal care needs so as to leave no stone unturned regarding potential consumers. Whatever you require, rest assured that the brand is more than capable of catering for it. The following includes a breakdown of each product category and a basic description of what they entail: