For a brighter and more even skin tone

The Lemonvate range of skin care products not only tones and refreshes but, more importantly, assists with acne and pimples. From face wash to complexion or vanishing creams and lotions all the way to vitamin skincare tablets or soaps, the Lemonvate range truly covers all aspects regarding both generating and maintaining healthy, radiant skin free of pimples and acne. Most importantly, as with all our products the emphasis shies away from synthetic or possibly harmful chemicals in favour of healthier, naturally based alternatives. The entire range is as follows:

  • Lemonvate Complexion Cream 50g
  • Lemonvate Vanishing Cream 30g
  • Lemonvate Complexion Soap 75g
  • Lemonvate Face Wash 120ml
  • Lemonvate Complexion Lotion 100ml
  • Lemonvate Vitamin Tablets 30's